Friday, 23 February 2018

Love Weeds

It's National Weed Appreciation Day on March 28th 2018 so get out and appreciate Nature's botanical spring beauties.

New online botany & ecology course

The new online course Botany and its role in the ecosystem is now ready for enrolments.  Go to to book a place on the course.

The beginner/intermediate course is suitable for hobby botanists, professionals and graduates and covers:

Module 1: Plant Science: biology, physiology and symbiosis
Module 2: Plant identification and using a key
Module 3: Taxonomy  (naming structure) 
Module 4: Habitats and habitat indicators 

Enrol on the full Botany and its role in the ecosystem course comprising all four modules  or choose individual modules

Do you like studying at your own pace?
Do you want to identify plant species more accurately?
Do you want to learn about plant physiology
Do you want to know about plant families, genus and species?